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Each Crystal Fantasies leaded glass crystal mobiles not only has Strass-Swarovski crystal
(full lead chandelier pieces made for the lighting industry) and Swarovski crystal beads,
but one or more of the following components:
handmade glass beads from the US,
Czech Republic, Italy and Japan;
ceramic beads from the US, the far East,
North and South America and Africa;
handmade sterling silver, vermeil and gold beads from
Afghanistan and Indonesia; semi-precious gemstones from just about everywhere;
12k gold-filled or Argentium sterling silver (tarnish resistant) crossbar and beads;
all strung on
braided steel cable for durability.

We love Special Orders! Please call Toll Free - 1-866-526-4553


Truly jewelry for the house, these mobiles are a collection of fine materials from artisans from around the world, designed to evoke a feeling of continuity, completeness, and unity with other cultures around the world.

New Crystal Mobiles Inside!
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